Think Ink on tour!

We've visited a lot of conventions throughout the years. Here's some of the fun! :)

AltCom Festival, Malmö, Sweden, November 2012

Kodachikun, Lund, Sweden, October 2012

Kodachicon, Lund, Sweden, May 2012

SPX/SIS, Stockholm, Sweden, April 2012

SPX, Stockholm, Sweden, April 2011.

 Komiks DK, Copenhagen, Denmark, spring 2010.

Kodachi-kun, Lund, Sweden, spring 2010

Okashii-con, Malmö, Sweden 2010. 

SPX, Stockholm, Sweden, spring 2010.

SPX, Stockholm, Sweden, spring 2010.
(coffee and coke is serious!)

J-pop-con, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2009.

Finncon, Helsinki, Finland June 2009.
(A Song of Ice and Fire cosplay! :D)

Jpopcon, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2008.

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